Optional obligation free meeting over a coffee to see if we are the perfect match.

Step 1
Maximum of 18 months and a minimum of 1 month before the wedding date. 1 1/2 to 2-hour meeting to fill in the Notice Of Impending Marriage (NOIM).

You tell me your love story, talk about family and friends who are important to you, let me get to know you, your beliefs and values, give me your thoughts and wishes for the ceremony. I will provide options and ideas for the ceremony, rituals, vows and music.

Step 2
I write the first draft and from there we can have unlimited emails, texts and phone calls until the ceremony begins to shine and reflect everything you wish it to be.

Step 3
A few days before the ceremony we meet for the signing of Declaration of No Legal Impediments and have a rehearsal if you wish.

Step 4
The day of the ceremony. All paperwork is prepared, your Marriage Certificate written in calligraphy, a folder with the ceremony and vows prepared for you to keep. I will arrive well in time to make sure the set up and all details are as they should be. You will celebrate the wedding of your dream among family and friends.

Step 5
If you would like to request an official marriage certificate from the Registry for your legal use (name change for example), please fill in this application form. I will certify all your ID needed and send the form to the Registry together with all the other documentation. Your official certificate will be mailed to you.

To request your obligation free meeting e-mail Margit on