The Wedding Ceremony is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day, the time when you declare your love and commitment to each other in front of the people who are most important to you. And as we are all different, no two marriage ceremonies are the same. Personally crafted around your story and wishes, your marriage ceremony will reflect who you are and it will stand like a beacon of light for your life ahead.

Renewal of vows

Special wedding anniversaries are one of the main occasions when couples decide to celebrate their ongoing commitment to each other with a Renewal of Vows.

Unlike the original wedding ceremony a Renewal of Vows ceremony has no legal obligation and witnesses are not required but the main purpose is for couples to reaffirm their love and ongoing commitment to each other.

Naming Ceremony

There are only two bequests we can give our children- one is roots, the other is wings…
The idea of a Name Giving Ceremony is to welcome a child into the family and the wider circle of friends.

Those attending a Name Giving Ceremony are invited to share in the mentoring of the child and be there to support the parents in their exciting journey through parenthood as the child grows to adulthood.

It is a wonderful way to share the blessing of welcoming a new family member.

Bereavement Ceremony

Every life is a story worth sharing with care and reverence.Together we will create a ceremony that highlights the things that made your loved one special. In honoring his or her life through the sharing of precious memories, the grieving and healing process can begin. I will guide you and give you some ideas of how you can celebrate and say goodbye to your loved one with dignity and love.

A Bereavement ceremony includes a welcome to everyone, words of comfort, and the delivery of a eulogy about your loved one’s life. It can be read my myself or by whoever you feel would be honored in presenting your loved one’s story. This is an opportunity for those attending to pay personal tribute to your loved ones, as well as the reading of poetry or literature and the playing of special songs or music. Many funerals now present a wonderful array of pictures capturing the life of your loved one through a PowerPoint presentation.

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